Logo Pricing

You can resell logo to your clients at any price level. When purchasing logo credits, price depends on number of prepaid credits, more you purchase at a time, better per-logo price. Are you looking for a SiteBuilder Pricing?

Number of logo

How many logo credits your want to purchase? More credits in single order, better per-logo price you receive.





Questions answered.

Can I share my credits/license account?
No, it's not allowed. Logo-credits you purchase may be used within your own company only. Unlike with sitebuilder license, if your company has more than one brand, all your brands may use the same license-key to download logos.

It doesn't apply to your resellers: if you offer a "reseller hosting" your clients (resellers) would have to get their own accounts with their own logo credits.
What "credit" means in the license pricing
Usually it means 1-2 logo downloads. When logo is downloaded as high quality PNG/JPG only (up to 300DPI), it's 1 credit. If logo is downloaded in fully scalable vector file like PDF, SVG or EPS, 2 credits will be charged, so you can separate logo products into at least two packages.

Can logo be re-downloaded?
Yes, and logo purchased once will not count against your credits, one logo can be downloaded multiple times. It may be also re-edited few times in case if your client change his mind and want to change for example colors.

Are there any discounts?
Yes, more logo credits you purchase in a single order, better per-logo price you may have.

What payment methods are available?
Payments are processed by Paddle and you can pay with PayPal, credit cards or Apple Pay.