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Questions answered.

What is the difference between PRO and PRO+
Both comes fully features, but with PRO+ you can white-label the sitebuilder with your own logo, in case if you don't want your clients know they're using "Kopage" website builder.
Can I share my license-account?
No, it's not allowed. Licenses you purchase can be used within your own company only and if your company has more than one brand, each brand will require additional "brand license" account. It's just an additional $10/month and brand accounts can be also used if offer a "reseller hosting" and your clients (resellers) would like to use Kopage at discounted rate: you add all servers to your main account's license and then each reseller (or each of your brands) should have separate brand-account.
Can I have a live demo on my own domain?
Yes, sure. When Kopage is installed, in most setups demo will be installed by default. If you integrate Kopage with cPanel or DirectAdmin, you may have to setup demo separately, but it's possible (and easy)
What "server" means in the license pricing
Usually it means physical server/machine, where you host your clients. Per-server pricing allows validating up to 1000 websites as PRO on single, licensed server. If you own more servers, you can add more servers to your license, and "per server" price is smaller when you purchase more server.
Can I upgrade my license later?
Yes, you can update your license - add more servers or remove servers you no longer use from the license.
Are there any discounts?
Yes, you can pay for a year in advance for 20% discount.
What payment methods are available?
Payments are processed by Paddle, our "Merchant of Record" and you can pay with major credit cards, PayPal or Apple Pay.
Yes, Kopage is available in 2 tiers, there's a white-label option (PRO+) and Kopage-branded (PRO), which we recommend the most
Yes, website admin interface may be branded with custom colors (and logo in PRO+ package)
Yes, you can create your own custom themes, which will be available for your clients only.

Custom themes will appear on top of our default themes list and creating themes is very easy (as easy as creating website with Kopage and exporting it as a template)
Yes, it's possible to create custom app for an individual client (including PHP support), but at this moment it's not possible to create custom apps and adding them to list of apps/modules.
Yes, it's possible to order custom work, assistance or development at discounted $75/hour rate. Please note, each custom work made directly in Kopage system may be part of official release and available for other clients.
By default, there's a help section available in Kopage Websites. It shows pre-made video guides and list of questions/answers.

Additionally it includes a "Personal Assistant" feature (support ticket system) handled by our support team, which may not be 100% white-label and is available in English only - you can however easily configure it to forward your clients to your own support center.
Currently Kopage is available in English (by default), Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

It's possible (and easy) to create custom translations.
Yes, it's possible to limit features if Kopage is integrated with cPanel/DirectAdmin or WHMCS, where the plugin is allowed to read client's webhosting package. We however recommend limiting webhosting features instead to provide best user experience when building and managing websites with Kopage
There's a number of built-in payment gateways available including PayPal, Stripe, Square, 2Checkout, Mollie, DotPay,, Paytrail,
iDeal, MercadoPago, Billplz, PayFast, PayFlex, Redsys, Tpay and Klarna.

Our team can add support for any additional payment method (custom development fee may apply)